Malik Hooker Womens Jersey  BBC1 9 O'Clock News 1984 - Scargill arrested - Miners' Strikes

BBC1 9 O'Clock News 1984 - Scargill arrested - Miners' Strikes

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Coal is the official state mineral of Kentucky.


About: BBC1 9 O'Clock News 1984 - Scargill arrested - Miners' Strikes

Shut the coal off bring in the utility fat cats..British gas...etc...directors bonus £1million + per annum..
I think scargill planned his arrest,but at least he led from the front (you don't get that from leaders)I'm a true blue tory but I feel the mine closures were to quick,
arthur scargill is the greatest leader of the western working class in my life time
2:25 disgraceful behaviour by the police.
The miners were blocking the roads, burning shit and chucking stones at the police. This ISN'T Bloody Sunday. This is the police reacting understandably to aggression. The whole miners strike was awful and yes the miners were treated at times appallingly.

But this view of Thatcher and Police = Bad v Scargill and Miners = heroes is ludicrously simplistic and wrong
Arthur Scargill is legend and if only the scabs had listened to Arthur then we would still have a coal industry today.
Sue them Arthur for wrongful arrest
read the book the enemy witin.... am a union man asst sec for the cwu .... read the book by seumas millne.... shockin... the secret war against the miners...shockin..
The Police Officers are violently assaulting an innocent, law abiding member of society who is peacefully protesting at the closure of a colliery. The Officers need to be charged with assault and dealt with according to the law. They are employed to protect our rights and freedoms. Where are all the Lawyers when this happens, the CPS, how on earth do we get beaten up on camera then see the laws of the land ignored ? This is a violent assault upon a peaceful and innocent man ?
dig up thatcher and stick screwdrivers in her dead fucking eyes
Norman Willis was a disgrace.
Couldn't agree with Thatcher more! Top girl?
Blaming the police is pointless. We must never forget how Thatcher treated people.
People fighting for the dignity of work. Ironically, Nowadays people are happy to be on welfare.
men fighting for their jobs... life... way of life...
tipical police bastards
The police looked so much better in black rather than hi-vis

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