Malik Hooker Womens Jersey  Barstool Pizza Review - Providence Coal Fired Pizza (Providence, RI)

Barstool Pizza Review - Providence Coal Fired Pizza (Providence, RI)

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Coal is the official state mineral of Kentucky.


About: Barstool Pizza Review - Providence Coal Fired Pizza (Providence, RI)

This pizza looks good. Too bad hes probably to coked out to taste it
Please give Alinos Pizza in Mooresville, NC a try. Authentic Italian pizza and it’s my favorite around and I need to know your rating that way I know where I stand on my pizza judging skills.
Tight jeans with suitcoat over hoodie LMFAO
Change your rule from one bite to one slice
That door sounds like someone keeps crashing a clown car!
I literally saw the thumbnail and was like "who's Providence and why did they fire him?" 😂💀
Drinks pepsi, snorts coke
Why does he look like a privileged, daddys money racist. Oh wait
Papa Gino's is the worst pizza in the world. I wouldn't use that name to help describe the crust.
Shout out to Papa Ginos! Best birthday parties ever!
One hoodie, one blazer everyone knows hes dressed like tyrone biggums
I’ve lived in Providence for most of my life and have to agree with you. There’s some great food spots here but the pizza is underwhelming.
One douchebag. Everybody knows the rules.
You should go to twins pizza in Providence place is the best or bob and timmys they are both great
One squeaky door, everyone knows the rules
The people just wanted you to get a parking ticket lol
Pizza, Pepsi, Pootang, Perfect. Everyone knows the rules
I've been watching so many of these reviews that I can just guess what his score would be lol
North Providence Twins Pizza
Has he done Pittsburgh yet?

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