Ark Ragnarok EP07 - Hidden Metal Cave - Base Locations Part 2! (GamePlay) [Iron Mine]

Ark Ragnarok EP07 - Hidden Metal Cave - Base Locations Part 2! (GamePlay) [Iron Mine]

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About: Ark Ragnarok EP07 - Hidden Metal Cave - Base Locations Part 2! (GamePlay) [Iron Mine]

i just started playing ragnarok yesterday and i found this cave you show as the first one.
you can actually sail a raft inthere too.
this is my new main base. you can fly tru the water too.
excellent bird breeding station. they cant run off.
Metal cave starts at 21:15 you're welcome.
Drunken Bear Driving is not safe bro.... You run into things and may kill a friend - or yourself... be safe, don't narc N drive
so why do so many people like cave bases? Don' they take 6x damage?
This game is a masterpiece. Are you as excited as I am for Abberation?
how come i can't build in the hidden metal cave or i can't place my teleporter
Will the rocks to get into metal cave respawn if you are in the cave?
what is the server?
That's not technically lag... That's the game stuttering as it loads/unloads things. Lag is when there is a noticeable delay between commands and responses. The only way to really get around it with Ark is a faster hard drive speed or a lot more memory so it doesn't have to load/reload things all the time. (This will improve when they optimize things)
Someone on the server had that first cave blocked off... So I C4'd the damn thing and now I have a pen for my sarcos and spino's. :D
Metal cave: 35.2/24.5
I really like your videos!! I have watched 2 now and they were both great.
What are the coords outside the metal cave on the beach area?
is this pvp server?
wheres the coords for the first cave?
behind the waterfall
Were do we find Cilica pearls and Cp?
thats the bat cave! ;)
I literally subbed to you for the first raptor encounter. Lol your hilarious
Which mod is for the „endless parachute“?

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