Malik Hooker Womens Jersey  Are the flags left on the moon still there?

Are the flags left on the moon still there?

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Keep dreaming.
This is actually the second flag on moon .
First one was of russia shot from space.
How come flag is blown away but still neil Armstrong's footprint still there
Why the flag is moving is there is no air than
No. The aliens stole them.
2:40 unless you left someone behind, how the heck would that video camera be able to follow (track) the craft as it leaves the lunar surface? and don't say it was operated by the ground control, the delay in signal would make that next to impossible!
Why dont US make another landing effort to bring a Flag from the studio and put it where they claimed it was, and come back back to earth to tell the world the flag "is still" there. Its beleivable now than before.
The flags are still up there on the moon. You can see them on a bright sunny day!
If some solid things not see on moon of mission...then how we believe that this is successful mission..
video sarts at 2:35
How did they retrieve the film if they just took off?
If they can show pictures of the ground on jupiter.why can't they show the flag or anything else they left on the moon. This crap is for the brainwashed.
they should still be there, right? if i went to the moon and left a flag i would want to see it from here. and aren't there super powerful telescopes that can capture images of them? or am i totally missing something?
The answer is yes, Buzz Aldrin however saw the flag fall over while they were taking off since the thrusters would have blown it over. And the flag has been bleached white from the sun
No, because we've never been to the moon
Didn't even go to the moon.. you can't have a gas pressured system next to a a space vacuum.. IE you can't have gas pressure without a can't go to made up space if we are living in a gas pressured system... I doesn't make sense..
Calling for definition of righteousness and fraudulent behavior
Moonlight sos coming nowadays

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