Malik Hooker Womens Jersey  Are the flags left on the moon still there?

Are the flags left on the moon still there?

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It is fake...!!
The moon is a hologram projected into the chemtrails the government uses to make us believe the earth is round.
What a corny ending statement, leave it up to the media.
true history
look at this history film...
The footage wouldn't survive the radiation belts on the way home therefore the footage is doctored so why believe anything they say.
Why they are not able to go there any more ??
I wonder when they’re gonna start claiming countries & states on the moon 🌚🌙
El Chupacabra went up there and took them flags 👹
This was fake on moon there are no shadows
bla , bla, bla,.....where is the rover , where is the launching platform from moon......liars......
The so called moon landing was filmed in a studio. Space may be the final frontier, but its made in a Hollywood basement.
Of course they ain't they are stored away with all the other props at area 51 so when we finally work out how to get to the moon we can plant them there before the cameras start rolling.....simples
People reaserch before you say that the Moon landing is fake.
The propaganda machine still hard at work.
I don't believe we went to the moon they say we don't have the technology now but we had it then lol
It's totally fake ..............they filmed it and most people think it's a real story,........🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂
You need to go to the moon first.
We just need another obama to shut down NASA again. Wow we no longer have shuttle ability, now we pay russia to fly us there at 82 million a seat. hell I can work for free till i collapse, maybe it will help. Or we could get americas space program moving again.

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