Malik Hooker Womens Jersey  Are All Cops Racist?: The Daily Show

Are All Cops Racist?: The Daily Show

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"We don't need to say 'all lives matter' because white people aren't dying at the hands of the police..."

Yes, they are, you colossal effing twit. For about the past 10 years at least, roughly twice as many white people have died at the hands of police than black people. This may not be immediately obvious, because white people don't completely lose their shit, block traffic, torch buildings, or mob up and march around chanting and yelling slogans that extoll the virtues of dead cops every time . Nor do we blame vague, amorphous, and abstract constructs and demand that someone else fix everything.
police in America originated from slave catchers
Racist I'm white I've been stopped 50 times in my life it was treated like shit 48 x
"White people arent dying at the hands of police". Lmao go fuck yourself you dipshit. Go read a fucking stat...
Do all reporters have bias?
Are all Democrats racist? Yes...Well, you know, the KKK and all the welfare to keep folks of color on the plantation......
Mr. Noah I enjoy watching your videos but I feel this one is just Making fun of serious situations and not actually answering the question
- Mostly Yes
Racists assume "Black Lives Matter" must be inherently racist, because "It's Okay To Be White" is a Nazi dogwhistle. Racists think everyone is as racist as they are.
Haha i laughed thru the whole thing hahaha
Well, they are trained to police on a racial bias, they enforce laws that have strong racial bias, and they're responsible for the higher incarceration of black men. So yes, all cops are racist, even the black ones.
Comedy Central is cancerous garbage.
When he called him a nerdy suge knight i lost it....🤣🤣🤣🤣
Look at the chiefs reaction after roy said got them at 5.09
“Is there nuisance to this?” “Nerdy suge knight”
A cookie?
It will continue if majority of the cops remains white. A dispatch should be a mix team.

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