Malik Hooker Womens Jersey  Apollo AGC Part 10: Mike flies Apollo 11’s P63, lunar landing, on his AGC hardware replica

Apollo AGC Part 10: Mike flies Apollo 11’s P63, lunar landing, on his AGC hardware replica

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About: Apollo AGC Part 10: Mike flies Apollo 11’s P63, lunar landing, on his AGC hardware replica

Mike, how come you're not working at Space X?
2:28 The size of the AGC, if it was made today (the blue one). Unbelievable!
I can see Todd Howard flirt with the idea of doing Skyrim version for Apollo AGC
He said seven hundredths of a second. On the video you have seven tenths of a second.
You guys are all genius, but Mike is absolutely brilliant!
Good lord, Mike (and the rest of you, but dang!) are such an inspiration. I wholeheartedly believe that this may be the best video on YouTube.
I’ve determined that I would need 1202 brains to equal Mike’s brain.
Is this P63 program running the memory of it's calculations and directions to crew from 1969? Or is this a preprogram done before mission takeoff and the lander descent to the moon? It seems like it's stored memory from the actual lander descent.
Where can I find some clear reconstructions of LM and CM control panel like the one at 13:10?
Guys, you're just impressive, talented and lucky to be there :-)
Thought mike said heart burn.... Same as pucker factor?
Some of the best Space LARPing I've ever seen.
Ben Krasnow of Applied Science built a DSKY in proper. And Fran Blanche is also (i hope she continues) on the trail. You should really get in touch with those two, both are walking treasure vaults of information.
This is the absolute pinnacle of geekdom!
This is wonderful guys. I was 13 when I watched the Apollo series flights. In fact, I sat on my mother's lap when I was 4, watching John Glen's flight and I still remember it.
"Transients" not "transcients" :)
Great work, a pity though that space is fake and nobody went to the Moon and the Moon isn't even a thing people can walk on. Good you guys are having fun though.
DSKY program on a computer? I can do that. I want to see the real DSKY. There are a lot of made up programs you can do and play with. Keep working.
I haven't a clue what yous are on about but for some reason I love it.

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