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America's Dirty Secret: Coal Ash

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Coal is the official state mineral of Kentucky.


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People of a certain political persuasion love to hate on the EPA and talk about how "regulations" get in the way of business. But as soon as they have their own water poisoned they change their tune. China has cities where breathing the air is literally worse than smoking multiple packs of cigarettes a day, constant thick smog 24/7, and a majority of their waterways are completely toxic. Before the Clean Air Act in America, OUR air quality was terrible. America cleaned itself up. And then after it was nice and clean, idiots who don't know history want to get rid of all the regulations because they can't see the need for it ("our air and water is clean, we obviously don't need all this excessive regulation!"). Freakin' idiots.

It's like the people sticking their head in the sand and denying climate change. It's like, if we're wrong so we wasted some money making the air cleaner. If THEY are wrong, the entire planet is about to get trashed. We're about to lose all our coastal cities. You wanna talk about regulations hurting the economy? Wait till you see how the economy does when cities start becoming uninhabitable due to rising water.

We only have this ONE planet. Just this ONE home. Stop being idiots. It's like a dog crapping in its own crate.
I love coal fired power plants burning American coal.
Like Obama said regulate them out of business
Let’s go back to living in caves to save the earth. I want to go to the homes of the people in this video and remove the central air conditioner
Burn more coal to temper the effects of global cooling
While the USA bombs the entire Mideast with depleted uranium and off-shored all manufacturing to countries with no environmental laws. What about the roundup they spray on our crops. Bullshit leave coal alone I like the ac ice cold.
It costs lots of money to purify waste/rubbish/garbage/coal ash. So, if people want it cleaned and are willing to pay the hefty price, then they should do so voluntarily and not be some stinkin' slaves compelled by masters/politicians and their hired overseers/judges/enforcers on the plantation state. After all we are the land of the free. Or are we? And hey, just stop using electricity and then coal would no longer be needed. Yeah, that'll work. Notice the duplicity and arrogance and ignorance and lack of logic in the coal haters? I am sympathetic to those who suffer from inhalation of coal ash dust but I don't believe in using force to impose controls. Hey, maybe we and shoot the coal ash to the moon but then who will pay for it?
I grew up with a coal Ash pit maybe 200 meters behind my house. I think they were a lot more responsible about it though. They had test wells and water treatment facility. When they closed it up they rolled out thick plastic and buried about 5 meters dirt on top. No cancer yet though!
Id still say we have come leaps and bounds in the coal burning business. When my dad was a kid the air in Pennsylvania was that heavy with it . The snow was black
There's nothing we can do now, we elect them to run our affairs, and this is how they run it. The political class can afford the best treatment, the best water filtered, the best banker to hide inside but we the fools who claim to employ them can't raise question, can't give them ultimatum, all they do they wait till election campaign and start campaign of division. We only hate each other simply because of color of our skin, originality and personal faith but that is not our enemy, our enemy is our politics.
she didnt notice huge power plant cooling towers everywhere when she was shopping for a place to build her dream house?
Here in Florida , there's ALWAYS black stuff all over. I have to wipe and wipe my porch. We wonder what it

When I moved in here yrs ago the man next door told me there was black stuff all.over. He didn't know what it was.
24 yrs later its
I've heard some say . the airport, ? Tropicana Orange factory? This is in Gulf coast Fl.
Cancer right in r food so stop people making food wit in it .
Distillation removes even the radioactive contamination. Tips for life.
Coal Ask, is also the main ingredient in CHEMTRAIL dispersal.
Kinda funny we can split a atom to make electricity at a commercial nuclear plant, yet we can’t burn coal cleaner? Nukes aren’t that “green” either. Spent fuel stored in dry cask storage is deadly for 10,000 years, will the containers last that long? The only new nuke being built in the us is vogtle3&4, it’s 5 years behind schedule right now, it’s 14 billion price tag has doubled to 28 billion, just saying
This video is bogus. All it shows is people having heavy metals in their drinking water. There is no evidence or proof at ALL. The plant representative said the amount of toxic material is the same as dirt. The people who made this documentary should verify that claim. Go grab some of that ash, take it to university lab/chemist and have it tested for heavy metals. Dont just use scare tactics have some legitimacy.
More fake news.

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Coal is extracted from the ground by coal mining, either underground by shaft mining, or at ground level by open pit mining extraction.


Coal is primarily used as a solid fuel to produce electricity and heat through combustion. World coal consumption was about 7.25 billion tonnes in 2010 The price of coal increased from around $30.00 per short ton in 2000 to around $150.00 per short ton as of September 2008. In early 2015, it was trading near $56/ton.