Malik Hooker Womens Jersey  Abandoned Jeddo Mine Tunnel spews toxic water near Hazleton and Drums, Pa

Abandoned Jeddo Mine Tunnel spews toxic water near Hazleton and Drums, Pa

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Coal is the official state mineral of Kentucky.


About: Abandoned Jeddo Mine Tunnel spews toxic water near Hazleton and Drums, Pa

I admire you for calling the Coal Barons what they are. They are not the only ones to blame. It is the other evil who gave them the land that they did not even own.I have no respect for coal . I remember what my home area-Mahanoy City looked like in the mid 50'sIt is going back to that. What good does coal do us? Shut down the mines and send some good industry here. Take back the land and give it to mother nature. I hate, hate, hate the coal industry. They used the miners and the area.
If you have hatred in your heart, let it out!
Wow sure are a lot of demented "people" indifferent to destruction and pollution that is so bad it poisons people and causes them immense pain, suffering and even death. Those that commit such crimes should be dealt with severely
Get a life douchebag
Looks like tropical water. Take a swim
If this is so toxic. then why are they green and doing well. why is their nothing looking dead. this woman does not know what she is talking about purely. do you have test showing that it is toxic? Why are the plants doing well. their is plenty to see that this water is not toxic at all. maybe it is going through an filtering more then we thing. and last step out to drain through the sand. these people are scare mongers. an have no clue what is really going on. it needs to be redone reopen and further looked at.
Well... one solution would be to open pit mine it, get all the ore, then there's nothing left to pollute.
Is the source shown in the first video actually in Jeddo ?
They used to take boat in every so often to check tunnel starts out in Hazleton runs under ground from old 40 shaft area over 1600 downfeet many years ago They tryed to pull water to treat it to drink didnt pan out.
How did they reduce the gpm rate?
The water is beautiful too bad it's toxic
That milky look is from the aluminum and magnesium falling out of the water. Iron and manganese are also present. That will kill every animal in the stream. Then the acid that Wiki says is 45 tons a day, average pH of the water is 4.3. It's a terrible destructive force.
Can you give me directions to that tunnel
Put your cell phone down and do something about the situation if concerned. Use your non-existent muscles and brain matter to make a difference. OMG grow up
Years ago in college I would have been all over this video, sharing it, telling others how bad it is. Today, I realize all of that is crap. Personally I wish you'd have focused more on the fact it was reduced by some 60,000 g/min and what is being proposed to reduce it even more, or perhaps ways to reduce the toxicity of it. Today's environmentalists are all about putting blame on one group and going look at how bad things are then patting themselves on the back for 'doing' something. Put your boots on and kick science for fixing their problem.
Music so inspirational. Ya shoulda took a swim guy
Recent post ,,,,,
How are they allowed to do that? They should be forced to clean it up.
a good blast of dynamite would fix it
What is name music ?

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