9 Strangest Abandoned Places In Ohio

9 Strangest Abandoned Places In Ohio

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I'm from southeast ohio and there's a lot of abandoned buildings, barns and houses. Creepy and weird. Especially when you drive the backroads, there's a lot of old houses and it makes you wonder what happened there.
Omg I gotta go see these places while I am here in Reynolds Burg ohio
The #1 abandoned thing is the narration on this video:

"Sometimes. You can. Hear a ghostly voice. That. Does. Not know how to talk. Legend has. It that the people. Make this. Video couldn't be. Bothered to make. It right."
Well thank you so much for all the fabulous information about the Logan round house. That was awesome fellas!
What a hodge-podge. The CC is about as useless as it is on several other sites, plus the narration is stilted, fades out, then disappears completely for the Logan house.
What killed Geauga Lake Park was Cedar Point. Cedar Fair, parent company of Cedar Point, purchased Geauga Lake just so that they could close it and eliminate the competition.
I spent numerous vacations as a young kid at Chippewa Lake in tiny cottages. Later As a teenager and then a young family man I took the kids to Geauga Lake Park. We even had company picnics there. Sure is a shame to see them rot away.
Need to spell #6 Hayenville tunnel correct. He says Hayenville but CC has it as The Haven Ville tunnel. Then spells it again as Hiddenville.
Where in Brookfield if anyone knows. I'm just a few miles away.
Like the video but the narration sucks. Use your own voice ;)
Why doesn't anyone actually use their real voice instead of this stupid AI crap !
Geauga Lake is pronounced Gee-og-ga Lake
The Logan roundhouse was destroyed by an arsonist two years ago.
Been to Kings Island always heard it was a canon ball factory. Went there at 3am we were just hanging having lunch we worked 3rd shift. Anyway that morning we saw a light on way up high in the far back. Never saw anyone. That place is creeeepy for sure.
Thanks for the video .... Love it, subbed! ❤😇
I had season passes to Geauga lake when i was s kid!!!! Great video
The best vidéo...good
Tks bro

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