Malik Hooker Womens Jersey  9 Strangest Abandoned Places In Ohio

9 Strangest Abandoned Places In Ohio

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Columbus alone has enough interesting abandoned sites to make a video.
There’s a steep nasty hill that goes over the tunnel and up the hillside, I’ve ridden my dirt bike up it countless times, it is a creepy place
Terrible video production
Kings Mill is going to be reused soon.
It is not worthy of being haunted.
O H!
No 15 burger king foot lettuce
Worst haunted house in ohio avoid mansfield.
Powder factory in Maineville oh
Buckeye nation BABYYYYYYY
Ohio is totes a weird place
Lebanon Ohio by golden lamb go down past the library till u hit a right curve and u see a marathon and u go straight and u see a light take a left u see a field next to a white and green building and s forest u go in the forest in the middle right and u hit a weird abandoned building in high school and jr high we called it the crypt like the old Kings island ride
Wow! Can’t narrate a video yourself? Loser!
10th strange abandonment - this video. Started out with an interesting premise, but was abandoned before decent narration could be added.
Any places close to Lancaster/Logan area that would be neat to explore?
Seeing Geauga Lake like that is so sad... Loved that place before six flags screwed it up..
The old Mansfield prison is far from abandoned, it holds tours all the time at the prison. Tours of the prison , tours of the sections that was used for filming for different movies , and ghost tours. Many many times used for lots of movies that were filmed there. Concerts are held there every year as well.
It's open almost all year around so it's far from abandoned.
Geauga Lake and Chippewa Lake. Favorite places to go when I was a child. So sad that they were just let go as they were.
Unfortunately, the Round House burnt down a few years ago. It was rumored to be an insurance scam but there was no proof
Abandoned places can be creepy but not as creepy as a robot voice narration

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