Ethereum Crypto Mining Custom PC Server with 8 Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB GPU

Ethereum Crypto Mining Custom PC Server with 8 Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB GPU

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About: Ethereum Crypto Mining Custom PC Server with 8 Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB GPU

Huge thanks to Jon Bach (CEO) Puget Systems for working with the various companies to make this sponsored build possible. I now have an insanely over powered server that has no purpose here in the Nerd Cave like 90% of the stuff I own. I like crazy technology and like to go big (hence my 50" 4k screens surrounding me). I've worked with Puget Systems for years and almost all my systems are built by them now. Next week I'll have an electrician installing ventilation and power into my crawl space so we can deploy this thing to a rack where it belongs so it can crunch away without needing to be turned off for the Morning Coffee live stream daily on because it sounds like jets are landing behind me. Hope you enjoy this video marking my journey back to technology after a lot of crap.

PS: If you want to bitch in the comments about me being the reason GPU's cost so much or why you can't find one because I crypto mine please be sure and include all the people that buy them for render farms and LN2 overclocking record settings. Supply and demand is to blame, tell Nvidia and AMD to make their production line go faster!
But can it run task manager
It mines in it's downtime to pay for any future repairs and upgrades.
Stop ruining GPU prices
but can it run crysis
If I mail you my SSD tray, will you sign it and mail it back?
I just need 1 full bitcon, here's my wallet address: 1HNCLDhzELyZPYR6kk5fqsAaFt54GPGomF
For gold mining and Video saving
ever notice that rich you tubers that HAVE the money to get cool stuff get it for free.
Why make something like this when the GPU price's are so high for us people who don't get free shit?
The follow up never happened, apparently
How goes with this setup? You did this just before the spike :)
Too much power for one man to wield
maybe the little screws are just for transport?
you dont have to say do not lose the little screws. ill never be able to have that in the first place haha huhu
If you were going to mine with it then why not go with a amd card because they are better for mining cuz my old MSI r9 390 8gb kills my gtx 1070 at mining but my 1070 kills the r9390 at gaming I was just curious
Just one more reason why loud mining rigs shouldn't be inside the bedroom. Great system, although quite expensive.
Wait I thought the system was also going to be a render station?
too loud and too energy consuming for a 1060 rig. My 1060 3GB produces 23.2MH/s at 147 core, 717 memory clock, 50% Power, 63º temp limit, which means 60W of power usage

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