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50 Famous Goals ● Impossible To Forget

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I saw some simple goals with headers and crosses, but you didn't include ?
This is more gay than being gay. Grow some balls
Best ever 0:33
Best ever 0:33
2:50 el de la cámara "ya pegale de una vez por todas" 😂
2:50, you know you’re a good player when you fool the camera man😂
Bergkamp is not possible
And btw can you do best Female goals?
We can all agree that ibrahimovitc did best. (Pls no hate)
And grosso vs Germany?
What is that goal of Maradona with the hand without close-up
The two best goals out of all 50 are by a defenseman, Roberto Carlos.
The best free kick of all-time, and maybe the most impossible shot ever from next to the corner pole running full speed.

I am very disspointed there are no REAL Ronaldo goals, El Fenomino.
His dribble from beyond half field on Barca through like 7 defenders finally beating the goalie is one of the best goals ever. As is his fakeout of he goalie while on Inter so bad the goalie fell over.
Ronaldo’s free kick perfect top bins and knuckleball
Watching them hit eachother at 4:08 was hilarious
Who see this at 2019
want happiness and truth? try:

check this site:

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Zlatan bicycle kick - best goal in history
best neymer
That's the goal of all time at 12:26

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