5 Worst Jobs Given To Children In History

5 Worst Jobs Given To Children In History

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Where do you get your media from?
Why doesnt the YT app show suggestions? Smth like shadow banning?
Worst job today is to be a sex slave to a muslim.
Still happens today. They just offshored it to China. Same as slavery.
This video didn’t need to be 14 minutes.
What Brits have to proud on ..when they say "the great British empire"....
It is so incredible the amount of hardship that people especially children had to endure on this earth. How we got here I will never now but we owe our ancestors an enormous amount of gratitude. the people in the past were so very very tough they endured so much grief and pain life seemed to be very miserable for so many. So when things don’t go your way think about how bad things really could be and have been and probably are right now.
there is a belgian film which shows a fragmant of number 4 https://youtu.be/eWZl_9FLrDE?t=332
These were the good old days
Humans are garbage. If allowed, they commit these atrocities.
Teach them good work ethic lol work or die kid
This is some bullshit 💯
Alter boys should be #1
Poor babies. I cannot imagine my son have to work in those conditions.
When I was 15, I went to work for Birdseye in Hillsboro Oregon. My job was cutting broccoli into box sized pieces. I sat on a stool with a very sharp knife and cut all night. I worked the swing shift. It was not my first job. We often worked like adults. These generations are so soft...
The kid at 9.00 wears such a loving and innocent smile.
And I thought my job was horrible!😿✌
Why are men so hard on men? Then wonder why men have so many problems? How about stop being heartless brutal scum humans and bad karma won't attack you so much
Bearer of the light is your savior God

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