Malik Hooker Womens Jersey  300 Million Year Old "Chariot Wheel" Found Deep In Mine?

300 Million Year Old "Chariot Wheel" Found Deep In Mine?

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Coal is the official state mineral of Kentucky.


About: 300 Million Year Old "Chariot Wheel" Found Deep In Mine?

na dude these are leftovers from before the flood in 4000 bc
So this channel is saying the mine was in Ukraine and the artifact was left in situ and the mine flooded to hide it.
However the same story has been reported with a 300 million year old wheel found in a coal mine in Khakassia in Siberia, which was recovered and analyzed by scientists.
Red flag! Pretty sure this is an urban myth.
What the fuck is going on ???? 300 million year old fossilized wheels ....400 thousand year old hammers. Something is going on about the truth.
Can anybody tell me what the footage at 0:44 seconds is of???
Umm, when images used conflate evolution with geology... I think that a very confused agenda is at play here.
That is interesting if it is real. Too bad a couple photos really dont mean anything. Do these people really expect others to believe they are so stupid that not 1 of them chipped off a chunk or more of it? The more you think about it the less likely it is that it is a real story. The possible fossils in the possible mine that is possibly half a mile underground could be a real fossil and was presented as an oopart . When so many unlikely and illogical things occur in a story it is probably just that, a story.
So if it is real, It seems like it could be a large fungi or ancient animal we have not yet found or it is an artifact from a lost civilization of early hominids or other tool using creatures in their early tech development stages. Regardless, i guarantee if they could be removed and they are in fact real, then they have been removed.
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then all doctrines vanished...
Its not millions of years old ya drrp. Mines are subsequently the remains of catastrophic floods/mudfloods. Coal is what remains of trees trunks that were buried in an ancient mudflood. Coal does not take millions of years to form.
I definitely believe that there was once a civilization here long ago and something long ago happened that turned them back into a dark age type of thing and it's like this we all know how to use a cell phone but don't know how to build one so it took thousands of years or millions even to get back to where we are now
Bible is real and the world isnt millions of years old.
It is only a mystery if one holds to the sacred religion of millions-of-years, if you fore sake the evolution belief system then these types of discovery (if real) fall into the Biblical global flood model without problem.
Just buy the mine and pump out the water then remove the artifact .
They will not allow any artifact ancient or otherwise to impeach the Primitive Man theory or Darwinism by any means necessary. These items are a real threat to all powers that be around world. Full disclosure would ensure WW3 happening.
Instead of coming to terms that this stuff isn’t millions and millions of years old they start tacking on more millions of millions and billions of years..............smh....biblical flood 4500 years ago accounts for ALL of these out of place artifacts and shows that God wiped out many advanced civilizations who by nature were using their intellect for evil. “The thoughts of their hearts were only evil continually.” Genesis-
Concrete is like stone,
Use your imagination.
Try different composition of minerals to create concrete/rock
That is a doorway just like on a submarine
First of all the earth is only about 7,000 (seven thousand) years old. Not millions of years
I think that everything is true. The evidence is right there,that means it's real.I personally believe it.
Then I realized the scientific dates are bullshit.

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