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1969 Steam Powered Chevelle - Built For General Motors

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In today's world, Steam would do a lot of good. But not as a flame operated system, rather an electric one. I wish someone would tackle that challenge already, we have quite a lot of background on electric capacity and heating at this point and 100+ years of steam engines.
is this a motorized vehicle or no, I'm asking because cops pull you for no license due to a previous DIY, " driving a motorized vehicle "
Replace the kerosene burner with a Leonardo E-Cat SK 20 Kilowatt heater.
so - like - start it up already
the number one green house gas is water vapor. LOL
operates like a Doble
this should be with jay leno so his steam guys can restore and drive it
How long would it take to produce the steam to get it moving?
Wow that's crazy and cool.
I wonder what would have come of it if they actually said yes to steam in 1969, would internal combustion engines fade and we enter a steampunk like era, or would steam soon fade out again as it did in the 20's and we just end out the same way.
For the engine did they use a diesel block a 2 stroke or 4 stroke gas? Just wondering
much man...
The principal shortcoming of a steam-powered vehicle like this is the lack of a suitable condenser. In order to develop any significant thermal efficiency, a large condensing surface is required, so that the heat rejection can occur much closer to the ambient atmospheric temperature. Just elementary thermodynamics.
Cool car. But could it smoke the tires off like an SS Chevelle? :>)
Shows a car like that and doesnt drive it or start it smh
Really nice, donate it to a museum, and then they sell it on...
What a gorgeous car, never seen one before ( I'm talking about the car design not the engine).
Thanks for posting.
i wonder if the stroke of the pistons was regulated to give a triple expansion economy feature to the engine?
My favorite so far! Please make more like this! Love your law videos, but this could be your calling! Excellence!

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