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1940s House (Complete Series) - Channel 4 (U.K.)

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This is absolutely wonderful! The boys are so great! Wonderful experience, as hard as it is, they will be forever changed.
"Are you my mummy?"
Just like to say that the mum and dauther wee so fanatic could not believe what they went true unbelievable
Wonderful series.
Awesome! Loved it! I'd love to watch another family do it!
40:48 because yeah! Stoning their windows Definitely helped them to give them something to tape up and over, keeping the light out. 🤦🏻‍♀️
Fear does odd things to people!
Of course you'd have eaten the food that was dropped on the floor. You couldn't afford to be precious as there just wasn't food to spare.
This was wonderful. Thank you so much.
The young boys in this series are absolutely brilliant! Years beyond their ages. They did wonderfully! their Mum should be so incredibly proud.
Intelligent, well mannered boys. What a great mother they had.
Apart from making Granny go!
Great series. Love it. I Love the end song. My last re-enactment group learned this song. Great lessons in this.
What a smart son
You can make breads and even cornbread with milk that's a little sour, I know that my mom used to do that and so did Grandma
You picked a wonderful family to do this thank you. I watched one of your other shows from the 1900 in that family was horrible. This family was warm and friendly and I was rooting for them. They all work so hard thank you
I’ve literally been looking for this for about two years since it got taken down then re-uploaded...I bloody well found it.
This was so amazing to watch makes u relise how selfish we have become how ungreatful are kids have become and how we have taken everything for granted. These would be good for these programmes to be used in history lessons in schools i think the kids of today would learn alot more about the wars and what family life was like. No internet no games no phones might learn what it is like to go without and how to talk to each other
I have been looking everywhere for this!!! Thank you so much for posting this series! Even though I have no idea why they chose that family to do this “experiment”,(the man drives me nuts with his selfishness), but it’s been an unparalleled look into the everyday life that “normal” people experienced during an otherwise chaotic era.
Its a right shame it took my country so long to get involved in the war.
If I’d have known about this house at the time of the programme, I’d have bought it, keep it exactly as it is, and run it as a museum. Or I could definitely live there myself in its original state.

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