Malik Hooker Womens Jersey  10 Warning Signs You Need More Vitamin D

10 Warning Signs You Need More Vitamin D

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You get sick really often. 1:55
You constantly feel tired. 2:46
You suffer from chronic backache and pain in your bones. 3:28
You suffer from bone loss. 4:08
You have skin problems. 4:45
You have problems with excess weight. 5:19
Your wounds heal too slowly. 5:48
You have hair loss. 6:21
You have depression. 6:40
You suffer from muscle pains. 7:04
Which groups of people have a higher risk of vitamin D deficiency? 8:05
Why is vitamin D so important? 8:46
Which foods are rich in vitamin D? 9:27
Ppl with darker skin get the right amount of vitamin d .
1000 iU is a joke.
Copied all your material from an online site.. didnt ya??
Hmmm so I should be worried if I have all 10 of those symptoms huh Time to actually leave the house!
What did you say? I can’t hear, the music was so loud!
I get vitamin d monday to Friday
This is like an advertisement. Are you related to the vitamin D council?
the way you express things is awesome......i want to learn from you. please let me know if you can help me.
Who else have vitamin D definency?
DUDE 10 warning signs you need more vitamin d ....just get to the point wht al this explanation
This is an update, my spouse had a doctor's appointment today, for the first time his blood pressure was 140/75. What a blessing to know just using different types of vitamins can change your life!
Consider vitamin D hypervitaminosis because of using wrong supplements. Before taking vit D go to your practinoier.
I have 4.4 ..n suddenly this video is popped out of nowhere..I HV chronic headache, backache...n alopecia
I have most of these symtoms and my Dr. Has me on vitamin D thank you for your help!
Dose it more food that can give vitamins D any other food.Because I don't eat sea food and matrons
This explains so much!
i eat Vitamin D everday like strawberry milk
This is me right now

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